Clear Poker Coin

Clear protocol

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    Completely trustless

    No Deposits or withdrawals to 3rd parties.
    Play with your own Ethereum Wallet.

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    New layer of trust

    Deck shuffling process powered by quantum-based random number generation.

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    Fully encrypted poker play

    Decks are fully encrypted.
    Card distribution is smart contract based.

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    Benefits of blockchain

    Transparent and reconcilable hand histories.
    Every hand can be audited.
    More comprehensive collusion detection.

Clear poker room

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    Low rake

    Rake gets distributed amongst the community in the form of chips usable for play (BCPT).
    1.5% total rake (incl. gas fees).

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    Ranked play system

    New way to compete against other players.
    Work up the rankings and win prizes.

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    Make online poker fun again

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) training program.
    New fun game modes.
    Easy-to-use interface.

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    Lower skill discrepancy

    Extensive hand history analysis tool.
    Effectively lowering the skill gap between new players and professionals.


  1. Q1 2018

    • Jan — MVP Phase 1 ready
    • 6/7/8th Feb — Showcase MVP @ ICE London UK 2018 event
    • 6th Feb — Clear Poker Private Pre-Sale kick-off
    • Feb / March — Prepare documentation, launch marketing operations end of March
  2. Q2 2018

    • Build user awareness for Clear Poker,
      prepare for Public Token Sale
    • June — Begin Public Sale Registration
    • 1 week for Public Sale registration
    • June — Begin public sale,
      (6 week duration — 35000 ETH Hard-Cap)
  3. Q3 2018

    • September — Clear Poker Protocol launch on testnet
    • Scale and build the Clear Poker Room on testnet, add new game modes
    • Release Hand Explorer
    • Build in AI training
    • Build in ranked program and new game modes
  4. Q4 2018

    • November — Launch of Clear Poker Protocol on the Ethereum network
    • Improve Clear Poker Room
    • Add new features
    • Review feedback and improve community features
    • Launch Clear Poker Room on Ethereum network
    • November — Begin work on QRNG
      Process into its own protocol

Card distribution

Card distributionCard distribution

Token distribution model

Total tokens for Sale
Total amount Rased
34.250 ETH
Amount for Pre-sale
7.120 ETH
Amount for Public sale
27.130 ETH
Token distribution model info
Token distribution model graph

Token offering model

Token offering model info
Token offering model graph
Token offering model eth

Use of token funds

Use of token funds info
Use of token funds graph

Our team

  • Steven WeustenCEO and Founder
  • Eric BenzCo-Founder
  • Joshua BijakChief Technology Officer
  • Brandon KiteChief Blockchain Technologist
  • David PeyronninChief Operating Officer
  • Rudolph GoldenbergCreative Lead


Clear Poker